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Private Tours vs Group Tours

Author:El Masry
Date: 2015-03-02 02:54:15
Category:Egypt Tours
Tags:Private Tours vs Group Tours

We, at Oriental Tours Egypt, offer our customers “private tours”, but many people are unsure of this phrase and so maybe an explanation is required.

Not too long ago, and even still today, whenever you went on a package tour, anywhere in the world, you found yourself in a large group. This group tended to be full of strangers, people from other areas of your country, even not from your country! You would be picked up at a set time (and woe betides anyone who happened to be slightly late) and marched onto a bus, which would then proceed to take you to the various sites on that particular day’s itinerary: all done to a strict regime and bound by the time. At the end of the tour you would be taken back to your hotel, where you were expected to settle down for the evening, having your dinner there before relaxation. If your group happened to include any undesirable members, then that was just bad luck, you were stuck with them for the duration of your stay. It could also happen that you could not hear what the guide was saying, especially if you found yourself on the outside of the semi-circle gathered around that particular monument. Two or three quick questions, two or three even quicker replies and, chop chop, onwards to the next place of interest. Many people did/do not even know the guide’s name!

But nowadays tours have been reinvented and the word “fun” has been introduced. A private tour is composed of only those people that you booked: YOUR family and/or friends. No strangers or obnoxious people in your party! Only two of you? No problem, you will be a small private tour (solo travellers can also be catered for though they do have to pay single supplements at most hotels and Nile cruises). No embarrassment if you just happen to be five minutes late in reaching the hotel foyer, unless your family/friends do it. You will now be able to talk to your guide, one on one, and actually get to know him or her. Do you want to spend an extra 10/20 minutes looking at one particular monument, or cut short the visit to another? No problem, you have no strict regime to follow on this type of tour (although there are some time limits, especially when getting late into the afternoon and sites are soon due to start closing for the night). Transportation is even better as the air-conditioned vehicle is tailored to suit the size of your group: a microbus for up to 4 people; a minibus for up to 8 people; a large minibus for up to 20 people; and a coach/bus for up to 40 people. No more being squashed beside some stranger!

Cruises also follow the same pattern. When you reach the site you are due to visit, your guide will be there to escort your group ONLY. On most occasions the guide will also be on board the boat with you, so you have an even better chance to have a chat and ask those questions you have always wanted to ask.

Lastly, the sun! Egypt is famed for the sun and it does tend to be on the hot and bright side most of the time. Many tourists do find this uncomfortable and so like to seek shaded areas, which is not too easy when you are in a large group. A small group, however, can easily find that well sought after shade, and the guide also welcomes this. Again, because there is no strict regime, a few minutes in the cool is no problem at all and you will not miss out on anything because of an unscheduled stop.

Overall, a private tour is far superior to a group tour, and the most welcoming thing about it is: it does not cost any more than a group tour does!

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