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You Do Not Need Group Package Tours To Visit Egypt!

Author:Stuart Hemphrey
Date: 2015-05-04 04:24:49
Tags:You Do Not Need Group Package Tours To Visit Egypt!

Just because the major, and not so major, worldwide travel companies have restricted their package holidays to Egypt does not mean you have to do the same: in fact this may work more in your favour!

Before the fall of President Mubarak in February 2011, Egypt was one of the world’s premier tourist locations. Unlike most holiday resorts Egypt actually had 2 key reasons to visit:

1. The Nile Valley, with all of the Pharaonic monuments, as well as Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.
2. The Red Sea, a modern development that mirrors the sun seeking resorts of southern Europe.

Sadly, however, tourism has been on a very steep downward slide since then as the following table shows:

Year                  Number of Tourists       Income (billion $)
2010                        14,700,000                         12.50
2011                        9,800,000                           8.70
2012                        11,500,000                         10.0
2013                        9,500,000                           5.90
2014 (1st half)          4,400,000                           3.00

But this is mainly because of the world’s tour companies no longer promoting Egypt, even though their governments have lifted travel restrictions to Egypt. There really seems to be some kind of an agenda going on where these companies are creating a cartel and using it to avoid Egypt. Why this is happening is anyone’s guess, but is has nothing to do with personal safety: Egypt’s tourist areas are as safe now as they ever were, even more so in some instances. Media frenzy could also be a reason: a minor incident now makes headline news, whereas before the fall of Mubarak, it would not even reach the bottom of the most unimportant page or even get a mention on television news. Granted Egypt is, unfortunately, situated in what could be called an unhealthy geographic position right now: Sudan to the immediate south; Libya to the immediate west; Gaza/Israel to the immediate east; Syria and Iraq to the east of Israel; Egypt is in the middle of a huge warzone, but is excluded from these goings on thanks to the stability offered by the new President: President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. 

People still want to visit: But how?
This is where it may work in your favour. Most of the travel companies only offered packages that meant you were part of a large group and they are frightened that they may not be able to ensure that, with less people showing interest in them. However, this does not stop anyone from visiting as Oriental Tours Egypt, like many other Egyptian tourist agencies, offer packages that are private, not groups! This means that you and your family, you and your friends, or maybe a mixture of both, can enjoy the package tour, safe in the knowledge that your little “group” will be the only ones accompanying your guide: a far better way to enjoy the sights and sites of the Land of the Pharaohs.

So, how does this actually work?
Normally, when booking your package, you book the whole holiday, international flights included. With private tours you still get the same, but international flights are NOT included. This allows you to source out the best flight deals that suit YOU! With packages you normally have to take certain flights, which can mean they do not fit in with your holiday schedule and so you have to cut your trip short. By booking the flight yourself it allows you to decide when to leave, when to return, and how long to stay in Egypt. Do not worry if a package says that the cruise has to leave on a certain day, itineraries can easily be moved to accommodate this, without you missing out on any of the planned visits: a simple task of changing one or more days to earlier or later in the tour and with NO extra cost incurred. This makes it a lot more beneficial to you as you now have control over your arrival/departure as well as who will be in your group. It is a simple win/win choice.

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