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El Alamein

El Alamein

Located 100 km west of Alexandria on the Northern coast of Egypt, El Alamein was once the battlefield of WWII where the Allied forces gained victory over the Axis forces. Today El Alamein is undergoing much development with the construction of new coastal villages that attract wealthy Egyptians who enjoy its beautiful beaches. The most famous resort is Marina El Alamein covering an area of 2000 hectare/ 5000 acres and stretches about 7 miles on the northern sea shore of Egypt. The resort is designed to become one of the best resorts in the Middle East with its luxuries hotels, shopping areas and Porto Marina with its Venetian style.

Sidi Abdel Rahman is another hideaway place in El Alamein known for its crystal clear calm water which is unparallel in the whole world. The area is still undiscovered with few resorts there but definitely it offer the tourist the best relaxed beach vacation ever.

El Alamein has some attractions for the tourist relating to the battle of WWII. In the desert landscapes there is the Advance Landmark of the Axis army.

The German War Memorial:

Octagonal in shape like a fortress memorial that was built on a high hill overlooking the sea.

The British Memorial:

Consists of Thousands upon Thousands of Rock-Hewn tombstones stand straight rows amidst a fenced garden.

The Italian Memorial:

is an impressive high tower fort standing on a hill and covered with white.

The Alamein Museum:

is notable and includes five main halls representing the countries that participated in Al Alamein battle. A variety of weapons and tanks, War scene paintings are exhibited in the museum. As well as information about Egypt’s participation in the battle.

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