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Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis

is the smallest oasis of Egypt and is located in the Western Desert region. This oasis has a population of approximately 5,000 inhabitants mostly Bedouins, but recently several smaller villages have sprung up.

In summers, the temperature of the region ranges between 27°C and 35°C; sometimes even going above the 40°C mark. In winters, the temperature is around 20°C; at nights it may also drop to 0°C; there is no rainfall throughout the year.

Farafra only gained importance during the reign of Romans over Egypt when it became an important centre for them, but then it almost disappeared into oblivion and was rediscovered 200 years ago.

The New Valley Project which is looking at developing the Western Desert has given a new lease of life to Farafra; the area is being developed for tourism as well.

Farafra Oasis exactly located 320 km northwest of Dakhla and 170 km north of Baharia Oasis. The Farafra Oasis is famed with the White desert with its cream color and chalk cliff formations as well as the hot springs of Bir Setta abd El Mufid Lake. Some sightseeing are located in the Oasis such as Qasr Abu Minqar and Qasr El Farafra, Bir Setta hot  Sulphur spring, Palm tree gardens, Abu Nuss Camel Farm, Lake El Mufid, Badr’s Art Museum who is a contemporary artist displaying his work made of natural material.

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