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Distances Between Cities

Many people seem to have the impression that Egypt is a small country, perhaps comparable with Luxembourg and/or Liechtenstein, and are genuinely amazed to find out that the train journey from Cairo to Luxor takes about 10 - 12 hours (415 miles, or 668 km), and that Abu Simbel is not just outside of Cairo: it is, in fact, 690 miles (1,111 km) south of Cairo.

In reality, Egypt has a landmass of approximately 38,6874 miles2 (1,002,000 km2) which is about 30th in the world, four times the size of the UK, three times bigger than Germany, and twice the size of France! The size misconception could maybe be explained by realizing that of its total landmass; only 3.5% is actually used for agriculture and settlements, the remaining 96.5% being desert: meaning that the habitable landmass is comparable with Moldova or Belgium!

Below is a table that shows the distances (by road and/or rail) between the major cities and sites in Egypt.

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