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What if I have a problem?,468x346,imagemutr1387283495.jpg

Complaints should be made to the Tourism Police or call your travel agent in Egypt.

Can credit cards be used without any difficulty?,468x346,imagewrup1387283212.jpg

Credit cards and travelers checks are accepted in the main hotels and large boutiques. Most tourist stores also accept foreign currencies. Remember to keep a certain amount of small notes and change pounds handy for tips.

Which airlines fly to Egypt?,468x346,imagesles1387283113.jpg

International airlines – Egypt Air and the main charter airlines fly to Egyptian airports: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheik, Taba, Saint Catherine, Borg-el-Arab, Assiut, etc.

Where are the best places to shop?,468x346,imagefrav1387282947.jpg

For craft goods and clothes, go to the souks or to boutiques run by organizations that support traditional crafts man ship.
- In Cairo, go to the town center shopping centers, the Nomad and the Egypt Craft Center, to the fine boutiques and the “Souvenirs” souk in Khan al-Khalili Street. Gold and papyrus near pyramids.
- Luxor souk: spices, fabrics
- Aswan souk: Nubian baskets, shawls embroidered in Aswan.
- In El Arish: Bedouin creates, jewelry, etc.
- In Alexandria, El-Attarine souk, which specializes in ancient objects and antiques. (Original ancient Egyptian antiquities are not allowed to leave the country).

Is it safe to swim in the Nile?,468x346,imagepota1387282724.jpg

Swimming is not recommended, more because of the bilharziosis parasite than because of crocodiles.

What souvenirs should I bring back home?,468x346,imagenapu1387282530.jpg

Gold and silver jewelry and semi-precious stones, Bedouin embroidery from the Sinai, basket ware, cotton linen, papyrus, rugs, blown glass, spices, etc.

Where are the best places in Cairo to enjoy the genuine Cairo atmosphere?

- The cafés in the small streets of the town center: Ash-Shams, Fichaoui, Horreyya, etc.
- The old cinemas: the Metro, the Radio, Diana Palace, etc.
- Cairo Open-air coffees in down town or Mounib bridge.

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