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Is it a problem if I take photos of people?,468x346,imagebaha1387282077.jpg

In museums, buy a permit to film or take photos. In the streets, always ask for permission, especially before taking photos of women or religious people, as well as in rural areas. If not using digital cameras, make sure you take plenty of film rolls with you, especially highly sensitive ones, because they are very hard to come by in Egypt.

Is it possible to book a Nile cruise once in Egypt?,468x346,imageclum1387281951.jpg

Travel agencies in Cairo and Luxor offer cruises combined with tours of the main attractions. Possibilities include a trip in a felucca, a trip along the Nile at sunset, or a several-day cruise (minimum 4 people). Preferably to be arranged before coming to Egypt. 

What is the best way to visit the major attractions?,468x346,imagerico1387281797.jpg

Use a sleeping train, airplane to move between long distance cities and tourism car for short distances. Visits to the main attractions are closely guarded by tourism police. If you are not traveling as part of a group, you can organize your route when you get there with agencies in Cairo or Luxor, or else hire a car with a guide.

Where can you find real Egyptian cuisine?

- In Alexandria: Mohammed Ahmed, Kadura, Zephyrion
- In Cairo: Felfella, Andrea, Alfi Bey, Samakmak, El Ezba and Taboula restaurants.
- In Luxor: Muhammad Cafeteria, Peace Abuzeid.
- In Aswan: Al-Masry and many others.
- In Sharm El-Sheikh: Fish Restaurant.

What type of clothes should I wear?,468x346,imagerest1387280157.jpg

When sightseeing, wear light cotton clothing, a hat, sun cream and sunglasses so you can bear the sun heat. When visiting religious buildings and when in town, dress correctly. Women must cover their heads, shoulders with a scarf. Take off shoes before going into mosques. At night, you can wear light clothes but take a light jacket in can you feel cold.

Is it possible to stay with the local inhabitants?,468x346,imagetoth1387279793.jpg

For the price of a small hotel, family boarding houses offer the advantage of a relaxed atmosphere and well-kept rooms.

What is the best way to travel long distances?,468x346,imagesluc1387279008.jpg

Flying is the quickest way to get to the main tourist locations. Inner-city buses and trains are cheaper.

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