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Stay And Play at Sheraton Montazah

The Sheraton Montazah now offers a brand new fitness regime that has been programmed by Core Performance Systems: and it is suitable for all fitness fanatics! An area has been set aside to incorporate this ultimate fitness concept, with its invigorating design, top of the line cardio and strength equipment, and the latest, most innovative, technology with build in LCD screens, television and music. All hotel guests will be able to partake in the type of exercise that they require when being far from home: it is available around the clock and is fully inclusive to all of those who care about their wellbeing.

Every trip is an adventure for the mind and body and so this new Sheraton fitness programme will enable guests to stay strong, healthy, and in control, as well as helping them to feel, and perform, at their best on the field, at home, or wherever their travels may take them.

This new Core Performance System is designed in four fundamentals, all well integrated to help the traveller prepare, fuel, train, and rest their daily life. These four fundamentals are:

1/ Mindset
Success in the game of life depends on careful preparation and ensuring that one has the right mindset to achieve one’s goals. The Core Performance System provides advice on setting measurable and attainable goals, whilst providing motivation through its community.

2/ Nutrition:
Effective training requires proper fuel and hydration. The Core Performance System provides nutrition insights from leading experts to ensure that the traveller’s dietary habits and intake reflects their goals, and that their training plan includes a focus on healthy eating.

3/ Movement:
Training the body to move efficiently not only helps people look and feel better, but also reduces the risk of injury. With movements that focus on engaging the body efficiently and effectively, the Core Performance System helps people perform better in their daily life.

4/ Recovery:
Everyone’s body needs rest and recovery, whether you are a professional athlete, a road warrior, or full-time mother! The Core Performance System includes techniques to help the body recover quickly from exercise, adequate rest to fuel performance throughout the day, with self-massage and stretching to ensure that muscles can also completely recover in the quickest time.

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