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Do you not just hate it when you see a shop or supermarket offering a HUGE saving on an item, and then find out that item is the only offer that is being promoted? Cheated! Waste of time and effort!

Here at Oriental Tours Egypt each and every one of us feel the same way, so when we decided to make a special offer, we pluralised it, special offers, and made it available to EVERY package advertised on our web site. That is right, you did read it right, EVERY PACKAGE now has a 10% discount, if ordered before June 30th 2015. And that is not all, book a package with one of our dahabiyas and we will up the discount to 12.5%, though we do ask that you have a minimum of 4 people in your party for this.

ALL of our tour packages are private tours, which means you will NOT be put into a larger group with strangers, NOR will you be expected to join    a larger group at any time during your visit (obviously you will join    with others on board a cruise, but your trips to the sites from the cruise will still be private).

All you have to do is select    any one of our packages, from the cheapest to the most expensive, send us a request from the relevant page, and ensure you put the code OTE24 at the top of the comments box. Simple as that, and 10%, or 12.5%, discount will be yours!

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