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Before you leave home, make yourself a small medi-kit for your journey, including items like plasters (different sizes), antiseptic cream, safety pins, painkillers, and sun cream (preferably high factor). You could also include diarrhoea tablets, as a precautionary tactic, though all pharmacies in Egypt sell Antinal, which tend to work faster than other brands, including Imodium.

“Wet Wipes”, under their various brand names, are a must! If you are someone who likes touching things and cannot keep your hands off the ancient walls and reliefs, they are excellent at cleaning your hands afterwards. Egyptian money tends to get handled a lot, so they also help keep you germ free when you have been making many transactions. Also they really are worth their weight in gold when you go to the lavatory as many attendants forget to replenish the toilet rolls. It is far easier carrying a small packet of wet wipes than a roll of Andrex (or any other brand of toilet roll).

Mosquitoes are a pain, no matter where you travel in Egypt, though at least they do not carry malaria (the last known case was reported over 85 years ago). Thankfully help is at hand due, mainly, to a mosquito repellent called “Raid”. Apart from an aerosol spray, they also make 2 types of plug-in (tablet and gel) that keeps them away for up to 24 hours. These are very cheap to buy and are definitely an important investment for the duration of your stay.

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