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If you are travelling alone and are going to be out for the whole day, let the hotel know about your plans, and your phone number, before you leave. This way the hotel will be able to contact you if they get worried about you being away for too long. Also, take a note of the hotel’s name, address, and phone number so that should you be unfortunate enough to get lost, you will be able to contact them for assistance.

Other guests in your hotel may be able to help you with advice, the best restaurants, where to go and where to avoid, etc., so get to know them … you might even make a new life-long friend!

If you have a very early start, a visit to Abu Simbel when in Aswan, or an early flight, ask your hotel to make you up a breakfast box so that you can enjoy your meal on the go. And remember your bottled water!

If you are going to be returning to the same hotel after you have checked out of it (going to another hotel in a different city for example) arrange to leave some of your luggage, and even items you have bought, with them until your return. Most hotels have an area set aside for this and offer the service either free of charge, or for a very low cost. This saves you having to take all of your belongings with you when they are not all required.

Do not feel that 5 star and 5 star deluxe hotels are always the best to stay in. Some of them are huge, with hundreds of rooms, and you will often feel alone and out of place. Many 3 and 4 star hotels are owned and operated by Egyptians and give a much better welcoming experience, and are a lot more friendlier.

Hotel Reception:
These can often be the most important points of contact during your stay. It does not matter if you are in the cheapest budget hotel, or the most expensive 5 star deluxe, the clerk(s) at the reception desk will help you: get taxis; arrange tours; get guides; find the best places to eat; get train tickets (this is especially important for many travellers); find your way to places you wish to visit; and much, much, more. Never be afraid to ask them, no matter how trivial you feel your question to be; they are always happy to help you.

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