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Travel Tips - An Introduction: Welcome to our pages that, we hope, give you some good tips to ensure your visit to Egypt goes as smoothly as possible. Much thought has gone into this section of our website, utilising our 17 years plus experience in the travel business as well as feedback from friend



When visiting the various sites any type of footwear can be worn, but ladies should avoid wearing high heels due to the sandy conditions (Egypt is a desert country) and the unevenness of the floors, especially when wooden floorboards have been installed as heels could get trapped and/or broken betwe



When you arrive in Egypt, please try to remember that it is a Muslim country and so has a different culture to the one you are used to. Many things that you take for granted are scorned here: kissing and fondling your partner in public; wearing clothing that is extremely revealing; and homosexuality



Currency: Egypt rsquo;s currency is known as the Egyptian Pound (LE for short, which means livre egyptienne: French for Egyptian Pound). One Egyptian Pound is divided into 100 piastres, coinage of which is available in 25, 50, and 100 piastres (1LE). 5, 10, and 20 piastres are still in circulation,


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Duty Free shops are available at all ports of entry and can even be visited within 48 hours of your arrival, as long as you ensure you have your passport with you.



In Upper Egypt especially, if you wish to take a felucca trip, be very careful before committing to the journey. Some, and only some, felucca captains will agree a price, only to renege on this agreement once you have reached the half-way point, insisting that the deal was for a one-way trip only: m


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Food: Food is plentiful in Egypt, cheap as well, from the street vendors to up-market restaurants to internationally known franchises. If you wish to dine out, away from your hotel, ask the clerk at the reception desk for the best places to go to in the area. Enjoy yourself and get out and about to

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