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Trains: Always try to book your train at least 24 hours before travel. If you wait until just before you are due to travel you may find the seats are sold out, or you may be told you have to get the sleeper service. When purchasing your tickets, always ensure you ask for the first class, air-conditi


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Many people travel abroad alone nowadays and Egypt is a popular destination for many of these travellers. However it should be noted that many costs will incur a single supplement unless stated differently, which is noted mostly in hotels (except lower grade hotels) and cruises. Be extra vigilant as



Cheats: Be vigilant when purchasing items as many cheap things, that you are offered, are just that: cheap! You may be told that an item is made from unbreakable stone, just to find that the item showed to you was made from a different material from the one you bought, or the fantastic papyrus paint


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Many tours start early in the morning and there is a good reason for this: the sun! Some sites, like the Giza Plateau, offer very little shade and so it is best visiting them before noon, especially if you happen to be someone that cannot bear a lot of heat. The tombs in the Valley of the Kings are

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